Thursday, February 16, 2017

O Hindus!!! Know who you are

                              THE IDEA OF SELF REALIZATION

If we are to know whom we are, how was this country, why are we like this, there are 2 greats that one must know and read India from their eyes. You must not be seeing India from the eyes of Max Muller. They are Swami Vivekananda and Tamil poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar. 

Swami Vivekananda first explains who actually is a Hindu as shown below:

He has clearly explained on who a Hindu is. Hindus now for some reason doesn't feel the pride. People immediately get offended when I proclaim myself as a Hindu. The reason being how this Indian intellectual mind via their education has been prepared to make sure they feel ashamed if the word Hindu is uttered. Swamiji tells the education that is given to Indians has made them lifeless and boneless. In his words:

Having received such an education, what these Indians end up doing is ridicule their forefathers and ancestors and uphold the west. Yes, the west is best. But Swamiji says - "Learn but do not imitate slavishly".

But, Swamiji didn't feel ashamed and instead he said:

On these same lines, Bharathiyar also said these words:

"பாரத பூமி பழம் பெரும் பூமி, நீரதன் புதல்வர் இந்நினைவகற்றாதீர்!"

Translates to - Bharat is an old country and you are its kids and do not forget this. He pretty well knew people would forget it one day.

Bharathiyar also felt the same thing about this English Education. In his words which translates at a high level is as follows:

Indians will not know these people if they go to English school and receive their education:
Kamban who wrote Ramayana in Tamil, Kalidasa, Astronomer Baskara, Sanskrit Grammar author Panini, Adi Sankara, Author of Tamil Poem Silapadigaram Elangovadigal, Tiruvalluvar, the Great Kings Pandiya and Cholas, Veer Shivaji.

He added that his father had to spend thousands but for him, it was harmful.

Swamiji and Bharathiyar were in fact a Prophet. For many of the impotent attitude of Hindus today, they have laid out the reasons, long long ago. Now that we cannot change the education, let us change ourselves. I will conclude with Swamiji words:

And what happens if don't feel proud or remember our history, YOU WILL CEASE TO EXIST. Just like individuals perishes if life is without an idea or objective, so is the nation.